Set up Employee Benefits


California Business Benefits will help set up employee benefits oftentimes, at NO COST. We will help you understand what you are legally required to provide your employees as a baseline. We will then help you to optimize each and every dollar spent towards compensating your employees. 


Employee benefits can include the following services:


California Business Benefits is here to help! We offer no cost consultations to all who request them. We can help you understand what you are liable for and where your money spent has the greatest value for your employees. Please Contact us by filling out a form below, going to our contact page or calling us directly. 


An example of a mandate we will help you recognize: The CalSavers Retirement Savings Program as of September 30th, 2020 mandates that employers with over 100 employees must provide a retirement plan for their employees. 

CalSavers Website


California Business Benefits has a business alliance with a very reputable RIA advisory firm, The Financial Management Network, Inc. All securities transactions are carried out through FMN.