Individual Health Insurance Options


California Business Benefits specializes in Individual Health Insurance and Group Health Insurance.

Individuals can log on to our individual health care quoting engine, “Live Quotes” and in seconds you can be looking at the rates for ALL the carriers offering plans specific to you.

In today’s crazy California mix of options it can be extremely challenging where to turn for help on Individual Health Insurance.  Please be advised there is no cost to having us support you in the acquisition of any of the below methods of attaining your individual health insurance. We are value added only.  Let our professionals cut the chase for you.

Currently with the Covid-19  pandemic Covered California has opened window for new enrollments as of 4/10/2020, but normally new enrollments are only eligible Jan. of the following year.  Unless one has a qualifying event such as:

Group employment termination

Marriage / Divorce / Adoption

Non voluntary loss of coverage

Court mandated change

Cobra is exhausted

Loss of Medi-Cal

You turn 19 and no longer are eligible for child-only plan or you turn age 26 during the year

Proof of these few listed Qualifying Events will be require!


If you would like to know more about Individual Health Insurance or any other service on the site, please fill out an inquiry, send us an email or give us a call. A professional from our team will reach out.

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On Exchange/Covered California:

Available via Covered California where lower levels of families incomes may get subsidy.   Before you go down this covered ca road you would be wise to consult one of our licensed professionals that may be able to confirm in seconds which it might take a hour if your a candidate for subsidy.  If your income depending on the number of dependents is above certain thresholds you would be wise to avoid the Covered California web site.  If your income is low a government subsidy can make a huge difference on the amount of premium you pay, so it would be wise to research where you and your family falls in a quick call to us. Use our live quotes page for individual health insurance quotes.

Working with one of our registered CCA agents wont cost you a penny more than going direct,  we can only add value in this process. 

Off Exchange: 

If you make above average incomes this is most likely your coarse of action. Feel free to discuss these amounts with any of our professionals.  By clicking on the Live Quotes Link at the top of our site after answering a couple simple questions like B Days and Zip codes you will find every major player in the Individual health care markets costing head to head.  Again at no extra cost over you going to each carrier directly on your own. We are value added advocates in this time consuming search who can cut the chase 5 fold on one call.




Short Term Health Plans:

Short Term Health Insurance is designed for individuals who are without health coverage for a short period of time. If, for example, you missed the open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act (also known as ObamaCare), a short-term health insurance can provide coverage for hospitalization and emergency care.

Short term health quotes can be obtained simply by going to the top of our page click on Live Quotes answer a few questions and you should have rates.  OR simply call one of our agents for help.