Group Vision Insurance


There are two different ways to pay for company Vision plans.

1.  Company sponsored, where the company is required to pay at least 50% of the cheapest plan (usually a HMO) ranging from $8-12. Typically this would give 3-5 vision  plans options for all to choose from.  The company’s contribution is removed from the various plan costing options.

2. Voluntary vision plans.  Typically 2-4 lower quality vision options, but the employer isn’t required to pay any of the premiums.  



Who is vision insurance for?

Even if you have perfect eyesight, it’s important to have regular eye exams to make sure you’re still seeing clearly. Most of us eventually need vision correction, which is why we offer plans you can buy from us directly or through participating employers.

What does Group Vision Insurance cover?

Vision insurance covers benefits not typically covered under your medical insurance plan. It includes things like routine eye exams and discounts on the purchase of new eyeglasses, contact lenses, or corrective surgery like Lasik.

Why should I consider vision insurance?

Regular eye exams can detect more than failing eyesight, they can detect diseases like glaucoma and diabetes. Vision problems are the fourth most prevalent disability in the United States and one of the most prevalent conditions in childhood. It’s worth considering for anyone who regularly needs to purchase eyeglasses or contacts.