Group Life Insurance

As an employer, you are aware of the importance of employee benefits and their contribution to your business success. A Group Life insurance plan that can benefit you and your employees. In most states, we can establish a plan for employee groups of five or more, while some states require a minimum of ten employees.


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Advantages to the Employer:

Federal income-tax deductible premiums.

Desirable fringe benefit to offer new employees.

Reduced turnover, saving your money in hiring and training costs.

Contributes to employee security, loyalty, and higher morale.

Valuable life insurance protection provided at a low group rate.

Advantages to the Employee:

Valuable life insurance protection provided at a low group rates.

Right to name and change beneficiaries at any time.

Waiver of Premium Disability Benefit rider is available at no extra cost.

Your agent will complete a fact finder to gather information about your business and your objectives for a group life plan. Based on the information, a Plan Design Specialist will prepare a proposal for you to consider.

Guaranteed Issue Life:

Guarantee Issue: “The amount if group life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage an employee is eligible to elect without providing any evidence of insurability or medical questions.”   This can be very a very savvy way insureds who might otherwise be rated can get individual life insurance.  Larger amounts of GI life can be had for executives in this manor as well.

Any amount of insurance in excess of the Guarantee Issue amount listed in your Proposal Summary requires Evidence of Insurability that an insurance carrier must accept and approve.