Group Benefits and Insurances


California Business Benefits specializes in employee benefits package optimization. We work closely with business executives to provide customized  plans for your business to offer its employees. Whether you are a five person tech start-up, or an established construction company with over two hundred employees, if you are a California business, we can help you. Our goal is that every dollar spent by our clients towards employee compensation is allocated in the most beneficial way for your employee. 

California being such a large producing state in terms of gross domestic product means it is regulated harder than any other state. This regulation creates confusion with its unique regulations and nuances. Therefore, businesses with a range of different company sizes, employee ages, employee tasks, and other variables are subject to multidimensional options for plans and prices. We want to diminish this confusion and present your options in a clear and concise way.

We contract with any number of carriers to provide the customized Group Benefits and Insurances package that suits your need.