California COBRA Cal-COBRA

 Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), a covered group health plan must offer an opportunity to continue health plan coverage to each qualified beneficiary who would otherwise lose coverage under the plan as a result of a qualifying event.  The California Continuation Benefits Replacement Act of 1997 (Cal-COBRA) is an expansion of federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) coverage. It requires insurance carriers and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) to provide COBRA-like coverage to employees of smaller companies (2 to 19 employees) in California, who are not subject to federal COBRA provisions.

  • COBRA = 1-19 employees

  • Cal-COBRA = 20+ employees


Personal and Family health insurance plans are a specialty to California Business Benefits. Without any additional cost to your plan, a CBB team member can help to find you the plan best for you and your family. We do not charge you a dollar for this service.  We can only add value in this confusing time.  Contact Us for assistance.   If you Contact  CBB, we can help explain which plan we believe is best given your unique personal situation.


Did you recently get laid off? Can you get Subsidy? Should I get on my spouses group policy? Should I get a Individual family plan? 


5 Options for Personal and Family health insurance:   

Option 1.  Stay on your existing group medical plan via  COBRA or Cal-COBRA.  If you’re family is on a large group plan this might be advisable.

Option 2.  Qualify for a subsidized contract via Covered California / On-Exchange.  We can give you a live quotes to see if you are illegible for subsidized contracts on this site, Click here for Live Quote.  How much subsidy you can get depends on a families combined income.  Should your family income be below what our site is states for your information, you might be eligible for subsidy. You cannot enroll for subsidy on this site, You can only quote it. However, please contact us so we can walk you through the government site.  A CBB representative will help you navigate this enrollment site at no charge.On the Covered Ca site there, please apply as a “user only” and get a user ID and Password. Then Contact us! If you go any further we will not be able to help you.

Option 3.  Purchase standalone Off-Exchange individual health insurance plan.  Given you have a qualifying event for 60 days. Click here for a live quote!  

Option 4. Take advantage of spouses group or individual plan using the 60 day qualifying event status.  We can advise if this is whats best for your family given your personal situation.

Option 5.  If over age 65 you might be eligible for medicare programs.

We will help you see which option is best at NO COST to you, Contact Us.


COBRA is a federal law that gives employees and their families who lose health benefits the ability to choose to continue group health benefits provided by their group health plan for limited periods of time under certain circumstances, such as:

  • Voluntary or involuntary job loss

  • Reduction in hours worked

  • Transition between jobs

  • Death, divorce and other life events​


The California Continuation Benefits Replacement Act of 1997 (Cal-COBRA) requires insurance carriers and HMOs to provide COBRA-like coverage for employees of smaller employers (two to 19 employees) not covered by COBRA. To be covered by Cal-COBRA, you must have employed two to 19 eligible employees on at least 50 percent of working days during the preceding calendar year. If not in business during any part of the preceding calendar year, you must have employed two to 19 eligible employees on at least 50 percent of working days during the preceding calendar quarter.