Business and Estate Planning

California Business Benefits aims to provide wide range of counsel. You’ve worked hard accumulating assets and wealth; we will work equally hard to help you preserve them. We work with you to build your plan of succession and we help ensure the government won’t take control of something that belongs to shareholders or family. It is well known that nearly 75% of small businesses don’t make it to the next generation due to poor planning. Business and estate planning needs to be done proactively. Estate planning laws are a moving target, and we aim to give you peace of mind by helping remove unnecessary variables that might be apparent due to poor planning.

Having a clear and concise business succession plan and/or personal estate plan assures that your interests and accomplishments are maintained in the manner you desire, should you or your partner pass prematurely.  Whether you have partners or family members in a business, having a written plan on what is going to happen should any of them live to long  die or become disabled would be highly advisable. It has been proven lack of an estate plan/transition plan is the number one reason small business’s fail.