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California Business Benefits offers No Cost Business Consulting Services to anyone who calls in or e-mails in a request for a meeting.  When building a house that you would expect to stand the test of time and unforeseeable obstacles, it is wise to first start with the foundation.  Let our network’s decades of experience help your business, self or family. 

CBB can help you with medical insurance, group life insurance, business planning, estate planning, retirement planning,  property casualty insurance and employee incentives programs.  We will discuss every option for subsidy and keep you up to date with all relevant mandates and relevant compliance matters.

In the increasingly litigious California business marketplace, making sure you and your business are providing what is required is a top priority. Making sure that your employees are being compensated in the most most efficient way with your company’s budget and needs, is our top priority. We will help you take advantage of all the tax preferred opportunities in the “qualified benefit arena” which are often overlooked and/or misunderstood. Business deductions are a moving target with all the laws changing rapidly. Let us help you navigate this important aspect of your business.  Please reach out to take advantage of a no obligation consultation, with any of our teams highly experienced member(s) you wish. 

Our CEO/Owner’s favorite question to ask a business owner is, when was the last time your CPA or Attorney called you up and said, “I have a great idea that will save you money?”  In their defense, this isn’t their job, its ours.  We work closely with your CPA and/or Attorney, suggesting opportunities that may be worth while discussing. 

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Business Consulting Services

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The Process

Step 1: Gathering Information

With our offer of a no cost, no obligation Business Consulting Services.  Whether your company is looking to maximize employee compensation, deferred compensation or hold down the fort in a tough year. We will be looking for ways to help minimize your expenditures and maximize your deductions. We will make sure every dollar spent by your business, towards employee benefits and compensation, get’s to your employee’s pocket in he most efficient way for all. Seeing how our team can help you with.

Step 2: Analyze and Discuss

After we have assessed the current layout of your business and it’s goals.We will help to map out how we can get to the desired destination.  We recommend your CPA and attorney are included in this process for the best results. Business continuation planning should be addressed in this planning process. 

Step 3: Custom Plan

We will set customized plans in which you may pick and choose. We will explain every pro and the con of every decision to be made, helping our clients make an informed decision helps them best meets their goal.

We recognize that course corrections throughout our relationship are necessary. These will be an ongoing commitment of ours, if you choose to work with us.  We will suggest protection overages or underages, based on your situation. Knowing what you are liable for is important. In today’s world, attorney’s are advertising how to sue your employer over any number of problems like discrimination or wrongful termination issues. Making sure you and your business is protected is our mission. We will oversee your business from all angles, and help to protect you as the owner/fiduciary of your business.

Step 4: Let Your Employee’s Choose   

With our help, you are given the information and options to choose which plans you would like to provide in your business’s benefits package offering. We recommend you give your employee’s a range of options to choose from. This will let every employee choose their own personalized level of coverage, and how much they want to contribute to what.