California Business Benefits Services

Business Consulting Services

At California Business Benefits our mission is to get our clients the best possible benefits  packages, for the lowest possible cost. We offer no cost consultations. We will search for inefficiencies and deductions that can enhance your existing employee/employer benefit packages within your given budget.  We have experts in house who can consult you on almost any financial instrument or insurance plan that might be needed for any business environment.

Group Benefits and Insurances

We will develop custom strategies to suit your business and its employees, unique needs. We can assist you in making sure to optimize each and every dollar spent on employee benefits, compensation and insurances.  This will help ensure that your benefit package attracts and retains quality employees.

Business and Estate Planning

Not having an estate plan or a succession plan,is a major main reason businesses fail to be passed on to the next generation. Having a clear and concise business succession plan and/or personal estate plan assures that your interests and accomplishments are maintained in the manner you desire, should you or your partner pass prematurely.  

Retirement and Financial Planning

We have an alliance with a very reputable registered advisory firm, The Financial Management Network, Inc. All securities transactions are carried out through FMN.

Property Casualty Insurances

We will customize a coverage plan that suits your businesses unique risks it is exposed to. The right policies can prepare and protect against unforeseen liabilities that you may encounter. With one of our customized protection plans, we can help ensure that you, and your interests, are protected from as many unforeseen risks as possible.

California Compliance and Mandates

Staying on top of all the insurances, mandates and opportunities is paramount. We can help ensure that your company is proactively aware of new mandates so that you stay in compliance within California’s ever-changing business landscape.